27 January 2008

bad start to the new year

Christmas may have been wonderful, but the New Year ended up being a disaster.

Red came to visit -- we were practically inseparable while at Walter Reed -- and for the most part it was one stupid argument or another. One was over dog training. There was more than one night that he slept on the couch and there was definitely days that I wanted him to drive back to DC. I wish I was joking.

That's not to say it was all bad. He tried to surprise me New Year's Eve by bringing me my Ativan and stayed for two shows. (Weeks later, I wished he stayed until I left.) We went out and did a few fun things -- which is a big deal for both of us.

But when your ex-boss tries to kiss you, your friend gets smashed and cries on your mom's shoulder, and you go to bed before the ball drops? Not such a good holiday.

And yes, I have a feeling that I'm going to report another incident of sexual harassment. I don't think I'll go back into the planetarium for a long time, if ever. I don't think I'll be involved in their big projects. And I don't think that I'll even register for classes next semester.

After everything that's happened, I just can't put myself in that kind of situation.


AkuTyger said...

Geez, you need to escape down here for a while. I promise no strange or familiar men will try to kiss you while you visit.

Anonymous said...

I'm still rooting for you Techno. Take care.